Offset Printing


A fast and accurate system: offset printing

Print your projects with one of the most efficient methods you can find: Offset printing. At Elipower we also use this precise method so that you can realize your projects as you envisioned.

The offset technique transfers the ink by pressure through the different rollers of the printer. This method allows you to make many prints in minutes, saving time and money.

We provide you with technical advice to give you the best printing option, materials, techniques, and any needed additional services for your project to shine.

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Note Pads

Customize them to your specifications with colors, foils, and copy in different materials and designs according to your particular requirements and market, the possibilities are endless!



Take advantage of this space in your restaurant to share promotions and relevant information while protecting your furniture in a stylish way.



One of the most popular and practical formats thanks to its low cost, easy distribution, and versatility. We offer you a wide range of possibilities to make your flyers unique.

Offset Printing

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