Reinforce the packaging of your products

With our wide selection of specialty straps, we help facilitate your packaging, moving, and storage operations.

Thanks to our reinforced and special tapes that provide the support and stability your items need, Elipower's strapping options help you secure and reinforce your products for better stability of your merchandise.

Our sales agents have extensive technical knowledge to make sure that you purchase the most suitable product for your business needs and reduce downtime.

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Ideal for safe storage and transportation of your goods. 

Our straps are resistant to pressure and sudden movements, allowing products to reach their final destination in the perfect condition.

We offer you a wide range of options when choosing the appropriate, flexible and resistant packaging.


Strapping clips

To reinforce the stability of the strapping strips, Elipower also has clips to hold the strips when packing.

Due to the quality of the material we use, either galvanized metal or plastic, your merchandise achieves a perfect grip and seal that can overcome environmental conditions such as weather, manual handling, and more.

Obtain even more security in the transportation of your merchandise with all the options that we offer you.


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