Packing tape


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Thanks to their adhesion capability, our packing tapes will keep your products in optimal condition without the risk of bending, peeling, or tearing due to humidity while in storage or during transportation.

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Polypropylene tape

Polypropylene adhesive tape is ideal for protecting your boxes or packaging during transportation. Resistant to high temperatures and humidity.

We handle different types of adhesives (acrylic and hot melt) and can customize the thickness of the material.

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Security tape

Perfectly seals your packaging to ensure that your products will not be broken.

These tapes leave evidence of tampering if peeled off. This trace evidence can be customized. Ideal for high value products or for delicate information or handling handling.


Moisture-wicking tape (gorilla)

Made of kraft paper, this tape is commonly used to protect the packaging from theft during shipments. It can be printed upon to promote your brand further.

It contains filaments that ensure its durability and reduce the risk of tampering.


Signage tape

You can use signage tape to secure your products and prevent any tampering that could damage the integrity of your brand.

Manufactured in different materials "tan, white or transparent and printed in up to 3 colors".


Filament tape

Possesses high adhesion strength and resistance to impacts, scratches, tear attempts, and humidity.  Ideal for complex handling or tamper resistance.


Masking Tape

Excellent adhesion, water and oil resistant. Ideal for smooth surfaces such as glass, aluminum, paper, plastic and much more.

Packing tape

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Packing tape

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