Tape dispensers

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Dispense tape while saving twice as much time

Dispense tape while saving twice as much time

Boost the productivity of your logistics with tools that automate and facilitate the taping and labeling workflow.

Work efficiently and cleanly thanks to the automatic mechanism of our dispensers by having the tape unwind from the reel to be stored in another compartment.

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Automatic liner remover

With this automatic dispenser, you will have an important saving in your packaging times.

It is ideal for repetitive taping processes, guaranteeing an exact and clean cut.

Dispenses and rolls the tapes at the same time. 

For 2" 51 mm wide tapes.

6" 152 mm cutting lengths. 

Imágenes productos elipower (9)

Manual tape dispenser with backing stripper

Ease this procedure with a minimal modification in your logistics with a backing remover that separates the backing material.

 Ideal for industrial production with repetitive taping, you can program the defined length, cutting, up to double-sided tape, and advancing automatically.

For 1"/25 mm tapes, with an outer roll diameter up to 6"/152 mm wide.

From 0.50" minimum length to variable maximum length.



For medium to high production use.

This dispenser is best for repetitive taping applications.

You can program and define the length of the tape, adjusting the length digitally.

For tapes from 7 to 51 mm width.

From 20 to 999 mm cutting lengths.



Provides a system that protects your packages, taping and cutting automatically.

For tapes from 7 to 51 mm wide.

From 30 to 999 mm cutting lengths.

Tape Dispensers

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