Security Labels

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Guarantee the integrity of your products to the bottom of the supply chain

Prevent the reproduction and theft of your products with customized tamper-evident labels with high-definition printing.

At Elipower, we believe in using the right tool for the right job. As such, we offer technical guidance to select the proper product by keeping your equipment, marketing ensign, and specs of your product in mind.

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Printed and unprinted security labels

Prevent the reproduction and theft of your products with security labels, which you can customize with high-definition printing.

This is the best way to meet your customers' expectations and protect the integrity of your products up to the time they purchase them.

Prevent the removal or introduction of counterfeit products that misrepresent your brand. Ensure that your customers receive their products intact or that there is evidence that the product was tampered with before receipt.

We can customize the front label with foils, barcodes, micro text and other security measures. We can also customize the tamper-evident legends with the text of your choice in up to 3 colors.

Security Labels

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