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White BOPP

It is the favorite material for adhesive labels because of its printing versatility and durability.

They are thin but strong, water-resistant, oil resistant, and non-toxic. 

Ideal for food, beverage, beer, liquor, fixed asset labels, chemical labels, and pharmaceutical labels.


Couche paper

One of the most popular and versatile materials for labeling products in a variety of industries.

It has a smooth and satin finish to the touch, which allows a high-definition printing that guarantees its durability.

Couche paper labels can be used with different types of adhesives according to your needs.

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Metallic labels

Metallized BOPP is a visually attractive and shiny material that, thanks to its coating and printing finishes, conveys a premium feel.

Ideal for cosmetic labels, beer, cleaning products, food supplements, automotive products, security labels, among others.

We print opaque white to highlight your image and emphasize some elements with varying brightness.

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Transparent labels

Moisture-resistant and with a crystal clear finish that conforms to the shape of your product.

We can make labels that are not evident on the package "No label look", add opaque white color or metallic finishes.

Ideal for wine and spirits, food, beverages, oils, personal care and cosmetics labels.


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A little more of what we offer

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