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Get specialty labels professionally created to your exact specifications, using high-quality materials without harming the planet, adding originality to your products.

Our team has the experience to design the right solution in every situation with sustainable and ecological materials that contribute to the care of our planet.

Several sustainability surveys, such as the one conducted by KPMG, coincide and show that, during 2020, more than 90% of the companies participating in their studies revealed that they are already concerned about their sustainability performance. While the McKinsey study, aimed at consumers, stated that 79% also consider the sustainability of packaging in their purchasing decisions.

Our team is dedicated and known for its quick turnaround time, and using the latest industry technology, the quality of your project will be impeccable. We will be happy to discuss your special labeling requirements while caring for the planet.

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For products that reflect aspects such as natural, handmade, and environmentally friendly. They are manufactured with a percentage of recycled material.

Excellent for food labels, footwear products, clothing, ecological products and cosmetics.



Choose sustainable alternatives for your packaging that not only strengthen your brand identity but are also environmentally friendly. 

Our labels are made with a percentage of recycled material.




Bring elegance and originality to your wine and liquor labels with materials specifically designed for this type of product, providing the ideal option to make them stand out on the shelf!

We have different materials with cold, frozen, and freeze-proof adhesives.



A distinctive and creative alternative to label your products and give them that special note that will make your brand pop.

It is generally a favorite for bottles, jars, beverages, food, and gift labels.




Become a pioneering company with labeling solutions that incorporate a percentage of material that can be recycled.

Join the brands that are aiming for a better future!


Elevate the sustainability of your products with labeling solutions based on the 4Rs



Our processes lead to the reduction of natural resources, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

If you use Elipower packaging and labeling, you contribute to the reduction of environmental impact, since our products are made of optimized materials with resources that will not damage the environment.



We go beyond waste separation; at Elipower, we use recycled material alternatives. 

We apply circular economy criteria to our wide range of products. By purchasing any of our options, you get products with recyclable raw materials that do not exploit the need for new raw materials, which highlights the sustainability claims of your brand's reputation.



As a preliminary step to recycling, we select materials sourced from sustainable and renewable resources.

We know that you are also interested in contributing to sustainable practices, and what better way to start than with labeling? This is a fundamental part of our process to reuse containers, packaging, and more.  

You maximize the resources your project generates, minimizing the use of new inputs.



Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint? Through our initiatives that promote a circular economy, we have earmarked a number of raw materials, whose’ waste can be recovered after the production process.
This is another group of Elipower products that you can keep in mind when looking for sustainable labeling materials.

Promote the recycling and recovery of the packaging that your brand offers.

Elipower has many options to make your company's sustainable initiatives more efficient.

Environmentally Friendly Products

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