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A dynamic and eye-catching option to attract the attention of your buyers to your products. Elipower's wide range of Elastomers personalizes your labeling with top quality and durability.

At Elipower, we believe in using the right tool for the right job. As such, we offer technical guidance to select the proper product by keeping your equipment, marketing ensign and specs of your product in mind.

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Choose from a wide variety of label sizes and shapes with adhesive, as well as different finishes, multiple shape options, and elastomer sizes.

Plus a wide range of colored inks and even biodegradable options.



Thanks to the variety of elastomer combinations we offer at Elipower, you can choose from labels with perforations, adhesives, and shapes of all kinds.

In addition, the double elastomer loops allow you to attach multiple products for a tight appearance and superior visibility for all your display products.



This labeling option attaches to the top of any size sample or test product.  

It features an adhesive tab and elastic elastomer loops ideal for promotions, as this labeling can be included either on a retail product or also on standard product presentations.



The marquee tag is an HTML element that makes text move from left to right and from top to bottom. This is how you can animate text and other elements, such as images, links or even tables.

This type of tag achieves a dynamic and scrollable content. It has a wide variety of marquees to adjust widths, alignments and repairs.



The ideal option for packaging, labeling and grouping special products in an eye-catching manner, as it is a label in the form of a strong band that holds and distinguishes the inventory. 

This Elastiband feature from Elipower is ideal for products that are particularly large in diameter or awkward to label or tag.


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